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Why I started This blog

Our goal is to provide thorough comparisons and information about all the top Omega 3 supplement brands on the market today.

Omega 3 Reviews

Thorough reviews and comparisons from the customers themselves


The most commonly used Omega 3 supplement brands on the market and how each one stands up

Stay Informed About Your Omega 3 Choices

Omega 3 fatty acids, or fish oil, have been shown to help with a number of health issues, from stiff muscles and joint pain to depression, even potentially decreasing the risk of heart disease. While you can take in these fatty acids from food, particularly fish, some of us need the extra boost from an omega 3 supplement.

There are several omega 3 supplement brands on the market today, and there's a good deal of information--and misinformation--on the internet about all of them. Which one is right for you? We created this website to help clear the information overload when it comes to omega 3 supplements. Here we'll compare the top omega 3 supplement brands side by side, based on their proven effects and customer reviews.

We're not here to make the choice for you. With this website, we'll lay out the information and you can decide for yourself.

How Much Omega 3 Should I Take/What Should I look For

Once upon a time, we had the same questions...and more. We decided to research customer reviews and other ratings, at first for our own reference. A few of our friends asked us to share our findings with them, so we created this web page to share with them and anyone else who might have the same concerns.

Omega 3 Supplements

These are all the major Omega 3 supplement competitors on the market today. We've thoroughly researched

each product and spoken with the manufacturers to ensure that we provide the most accurate information possible to you, our friends.