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Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega-D3

Published May 8th, 2018

Omega-3 Paired With Vitamin D3

Nordic Naturals

From the manufacturers who claim to have created the #1 bestselling omega-3 supplement in the United States comes Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega-D3. Omega-D3 Offers not only a concentrated source of omega-3 but vitamin D3. Vitamin D3, or cholecalciferol, is an important nutrient for both children and adults with insufficient exposure to sunlight. It has been linked to strengthening bones, sleep rhythm, and the immune system. Combined with the effectiveness of omega-3 when it comes to alleviating joint pain, Nordic Naturals Omega-D3 seems almost like a super supplement.

The question is, does it live up to the hype?

Customer Reviews

Overall, customer reviews for Nordic Naturals Omega-D3 have been pretty positive. Customers have said that Nordic Naturals helped relieve their joint pain, and even helped clear their skin. One customer was even recommended Nordic Naturals to help with their dry eyes and seems to have found success.

Customer Review for the product
Customer Review for the product
Customer Review for the product

Some customers who were previously fans of Nordic Naturals have been thrilled with the addition of vitamin D3, like this customer:

Customer Review for the product

However, not every review was a rave for Nordic Naturals. While many customers have said that the fishy aftertaste in Nordic Naturals is less than the aftertaste of other fish oils like it, a few customers found that not to be the case.

Customer Review for the product

Even a few of those who didn't find there to be a fishy aftertaste complained that the fish oil wasn't very effective and that they were daunted by having to take two of the large pills each day in order to get the adequate amount of nutrients. One customer complained that when their fish oil was delivered in the heat of summer, pills were stuck together, but added that nothing like that had ever happened before.

Customer Review for the product
Customer Review for the product
So there’s a bit of variety when it comes to experiences when it comes to Nordic Naturals. But given that this is a pricier supplement, with a list price of $51.95 for 120 softgels, it would be nice to see a little more consistency. It is worth noting, at least, that the most critical review on Amazon stated that they thought the fault of fishy aftertaste might have been more to do with Amazon’s delivery than the product itself.

Customer Review for the product

What’s Inside

One of the biggest selling points for Nordic Naturals is the lack of fishy aftertaste. While there seemed to be some variation from bottle to bottle, most customers praise this supplement for its lack of fishy aftertaste, or lighter fishy aftertaste. This seems hard to believe at first considering that each bottle of Nordic Naturals Omega-D3 contains 1280mg of Omega-3 and the first ingredient is deep sea fish oil. But what sets this supplement apart is the natural lemon flavoring added, in much the same way that chefs might add sprinkles of lemon juice over fish to mask the fishy smell and taste.

A few competitors of Nordic Naturals have tried to get around the problem of the fishy aftertaste by making their omega-3 supplements with flaxseed rather than fish oil. One such is Natrol Fish Oil. However, flaxseed has a significantly less concentrated amount of EPA and DHA compared to fish oil. Another competitor, Omega XL, skirts around the fishy aftertaste problem by finding their omega-3s in the green-lipped mussels of New Zealand. So Nordic Naturals is not the first omega-3 supplement to tackle this problem, but they’re one of the few to manage it effectively...for the most part.

As to their fish oil, Nordic Naturals uses only purified deep sea fish oil, as from anchovies and sardines, considered to be some of the highest sources of omega-3 content. It has a high concentration of EPA and DHA, two omega-3s that are helpful in fighting inflammation. They use rosemary extract as a preservative to protect their pills, and of course, every bottle includes 1,000 iu of vitamin D3. Those who may have been burned by Dr. Tobias Optimum Omega-3 Fish Oil will also be relieved to know that Nordic Naturals is soy free, so no pesky omega-6 to worry about. It’s also safe for those with seafood allergies, because Nordic Naturals uses molecular distillation (removing the fish proteins) in making their fish oil.

However, some customers have complained that this product makes them feel bloated and gassy and occasionally causes fish burps. The exact culprit is unclear, whether it’s too high of a dosage or a combination of the supplement and the customer’s food.

The Result of Careful Research

No one can say that Nordic Naturals didn’t do their homework. Their omega-3 supplement was tested in over 14 clinical studies. They heavily researched the health benefits of D3s before releasing D3 supplements and finally merging the two products as one. To this day, their fish oil is tested in a third-party lab for any harmful toxins before it’s sent out. The amount recommended is tested carefully to ensure it’s exactly what’s needed to see an improvement in health — no more, no less.

However, you do still want to talk to a doctor before taking Nordic Naturals and do your own research. One customer mentioned that they took Nordic Naturals for months believing they were doing the best thing for their body. Then they had bloodwork done and found that their liver enzymes were too high. Their doctor instructed them to stop taking Nordic Naturals Omega-D3 for their health.

Customer Review for the product

That isn’t the same for everyone, but it is all that much more important to ask a doctor before taking fish oil supplements. Even those that are heavily researched probably haven’t taken into account every potential customer’s individual health.

At What Cost?

As we mentioned earlier, Nordic Naturals is an expensive supplement, and the price is rising. One customer complained that as a long time customer, they were used to paying $35 for the 120 softgel bottle. Recently, the price had gone up to $44.

Customer Review for the product

This could be an Amazon problem, except that the price on the Nordic Naturals website is $51.95, with no special offers to entice first-time customers. That adds up to as much as $0.43/count.

By comparison, Dr. Tobias offers 180 pills for just $28.47 on Amazon (though Dr. Tobias also calls for 4 pills per day, double the amount that Nordic Naturals calls for), and OmegaVia and Omega XL both have special offers for new subscribers. OmegaVia, for instance, is more expensive at $27.89, but offers $2/bottle off with their Subscribe & Save plan. Omega XL, which typically charges $71.25 per bottle offers your first two bottles for just $49.95. Nutrigold is also more expensive on the surface than Nordic Naturals at $56, but contains 180 softgels rather than $120.

So while it’s not the priciest supplement on the market, it’s not the cheapest either, and there are no incentives for new customers like some of their competitors.


Overall, Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega-D3 is one of the better omega-3 fish oil supplements out there, not only boosting your omega-3 intake but the important vitamin D3. It has strong amounts of EPA and DHA, and clean ingredients without any soy or omega-9. Some customers found that the softgel capsules were too large, especially for children, and that several bottles did contain a fishy aftertaste or smell, despite the lemon flavor. But more customers praised this supplement for its taste and said they would be back to try it again.

Is Nordic Naturals perfect? No, and for its price, it’s easy to wish it were. But if you’re looking for an effective source of omega-3s as well as something to help your sunlight deficiency, many happy Nordic Naturals customers seem to recommend it.

Have you tried Nordic Naturals? What did you think of it? Connect with us on social media and let us know your thoughts.


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