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Get Your Omega-3 the Vegetarian Way

Published May 22nd, 2018

Many people across the world want to enjoy the benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids in their diet. The prospect of natural pain relief from chronic joint pain, positive impacts on cardiac health, and a wide array of other benefits are the reason Omega-3 enriched lifestyles are trending upward. However, some people have a harder time keeping up with their Omega-3 intake because they are vegetarian, vegan, or maybe just really don’t like fish.

However, someone new to a plant-based diet can face some unique challenges when it comes to their protein and Omega-3 intakes. “Without eating vegetables high in omega-3, a new vegetarian or vegan can quickly become develop an omega-3 deficiency.” Since the National Institute of Health recommends 1.6 grams of Omega-3 daily for adult men and 1.1 grams daily for adult women, getting that much Omega-3 from vegetables alone can be quite challenging.

“ If you choose to make vegetables with omega-3 fatty acids your primary source, keep in mind that most vegetables don’t contain as much omega-3 as fish does.” This doesn’t mean vegans and vegetarians can’t enjoy the full benefits of a diet rich in Omega-3s, just that they will have to work a little harder at it. In order to get an amount of Omega-3 fatty acids from vegetables needed to have a significant benefit, you will have to eat a lot of veggies. This has the additional bonus of adding a lot of fiber to your diet, which has a whole host of positive health benefits as well.

There are some vegetables that are higher in Omega-3 than others. The newest blog from Omega-3 Benefit, Vegetables With Omega-3 Fatty Acids, has some helpful information for those trying to get those aiming to get those helpful Omega-3 benefits with a plant-based diet. Even vegetarians need to take special care of their heart, eyes, and help protect themselves from certain types of cancer with Omega-3.

For more information on the benefits of taking Omega-3 supplements, visit us at our website www.omega3benefit.com, and check out our blog. Omega 3 Benefit wants you to be armed with the best research so you can make the best choices in supplementing you and your family.

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