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OmegaVia Fish Oil

Published May 22nd, 2018

Is OmegaVia Truly the Highest Omega-3 Potency Per Pill?

That’s their main selling point, and their website even has a graph to prove it. According to their graph, retail fish oil contains 600mg of omega-3 per pill. Triple strength omega-3 supposedly offers as much as 900mg, but supposedly only OmegaVia contains 1105 mg per softgel. It’s an impressive number, and OmegaVia is certainly concentrated, made up of 90% omega-3s.

And when you take a look at their competition, that does seem to be the case. Nordic Naturals, for instance, offers 1280 mg of omega-3...per two pills. So in actuality, they only offer a little over half of what OmegaVia offers in one pill. Nutrigold’s Triple Strength omega-3 supplement comes close, with about 1050 mg per pill, and Dr. Tobias offers 1,000mg per pill. If you look at simple concentration per pill, OmegaVia certainly seems to be a solid option. However, as we know, there’s more to omega-3 supplements than just concentration.

So what do their customers say?

Customer Reviews

One of the first things I noticed clued me into why OmegaVia is able to pack so much omega-3 into each pill.

OmegaVia Fish Oil customer reviewOmegaVia Fish Oil customer review
OmegaVia Fish Oil customer reviewOmegaVia Fish Oil customer review

And when I looked it up, that did seem to be the case. OmegaVia pills are much larger than the competition. You might only have to take one pill a day, but that pill is much more challenging to swallow than some brands that suggest two pills.

OmegaVia Fish Oil customer review

Other customers complained that OmegaVia left them with some discomfort in the stomach, and that Ethyl Ester (EE) fish oil may have been the cause, as it isn’t as easily absorbed by the body.

OmegaVia Fish Oil customer review

OmegaVia Fish Oil customer review

Still, there were plenty of positive things to say about OmegaVia, as well. Some customers claimed that this was the first fish oil brand they had tried that had a positive effect on their health and that they found it a useful triglycerides treatment.

OmegaVia Fish Oil customer reviewOmegaVia Fish Oil customer review

In terms of their promise not to have fish burps, customers were divided. Some claimed that they experienced no fish burps at all, while others did, along with a strong fishy aftertaste. As OmegaVia gets their fish oil from sardines and mackerel, the aftertaste is understandable.

OmegaVia Fish Oil customer reviewOmegaVia Fish Oil customer reviewOmegaVia Fish Oil customer reviewOmegaVia Fish Oil customer review

It does seem as though customers who took one pill were less likely to experience fish burps than those who took two or more.

90% Omega-3

It’s clear that OmegaVia isn’t exaggerating when they claim to have such a high concentration of omega-3. Their pills are in fact 90% omega-3 fish oil, gathered from anchovy, sardines, and mackerel, all high in EPA and DHA. It contains no gluten or soy and no omega-6. However, as pointed out, OmegaVia contains ethyl ester omega-3s. These omega-3s are cheaper to produce, and they are usually used to improve triglyceride levels. They also can cause some digestion problems. OmegaVia protects against this with enteric coating that should keep the pills from dissolving in the stomach. However, as customer reviews above have shown, that’s not always the case.

OmegaVia is safe for those with gluten allergies, but not fish allergies. This seems almost a given, since it is fish oil. However, some competitors, like Nordic Naturals and Omega XL, claim to be able to extract all the necessary nutrients without leaving any trace of fish that would upset the allergies.

An Appealing Price...With a Catch

In terms of price, OmegaVia’s price of $27.45 is hard to top. That’s almost half the price of Nordic Naturals, and while it’s also true that OmegaVia offers only half the amount of softgel pills per bottle that Nordic Naturals offers, it also calls for half the dosage. So if you take OmegaVia only for general health, you are getting essentially the same amount that you would receive from Nordic Naturals for considerably less money.

OmegaVia also offers a special to those who choose their Subscribe & Save plan: $2 of each bottle. Thus for 60 pills and 1105mg of omega-3s per pill, you’re only paying $25. It’s considerably more affordable than most of their big competitors, and thus one of OmegaVia’s more attractive features.

However, it’s worth noting that one pill a day is only the recommended dosage for those hoping to boost general health.

Dosage Depends On Condition

It’s not surprising that different conditions call for different dosages. Those who are healthy and hope to remain that way only need one OmegaVia pill each day, and thus they can pay less than $30 every two months for their omega-3 supplements. That’s not the case, however, for those seeking pain relief from joint inflammation or those who want to reduce their triglycerides.

And therein lies the rub. OmegaVia frequently boasts their triglyceride benefits, and not without just cause. Several customers have raved about improvement to their triglyceride levels.

OmegaVia Fish Oil customer reviewOmegaVia Fish Oil customer review

However, for customers like this, OmegaVia recommends taking as many as 3 or 4 capsules every day. If your draw to OmegaVia was the low cost, this dosage will cancel that out, and you’ll need to buy a new bottle in as short a time as three weeks. Likewise, those seeking joint pain relief are directed to take 2 pills each day. And it’s those who had to take more than one pill each day who often experienced fish burps and stomach discomfort.

On the list of directions for OmegaVia, they do recommend taking no more than 4 pills each day, and contacting your doctor if you need to take more than 2. They also suggest the pills be taken at room temperature, although some customers have mentioned refrigerating their pills in order to reduce the chance of fish burps.

Who is OmegaVia For, At the End of the Day?

There are some benefits to taking OmegaVia fish oil for your omega-3 supplement. There are also some drawbacks. So what should you choose? Well, that depends. Based everything I’ve read, I would recommend OmegaVia to those who want to improve their triglyceride levels, with the approval of their doctor. For those seeking joint pain relief or general health benefits, there are options out there that are considerably easier to swallow, and options that are less heavy on ethyl esters.


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